• What is a backlink

    To put it simply, a good backlink is a link from the article published on a famous news portal leading to your webpage and bringing thereby great SEO value.

  • Backlinks from CNN, BBC, etc. – how is this possible?

    Let's suppose, CNN issues an article about one talented movie director with the link to his personal webpage. Now imagine this movie director drops his website. Why? Maybe he decided to become a lawyer instead, changed his domain name, or simply forgotten to pay for his domain on time. We use special software to find these dropped domains and absolutely legally buy them to get their precious backlinks for our clients.

  • How does it work?

    All SEO experts know that 301 Redirect allows transferring the power from one domain to another. And this is exactly what we do. We make this exact redirect from a dropped domain with many backlinks on it to your website. 301 redirect gives a signal to Google that this dropped domain with backlinks has been permanently moved to your webpage and therefore will be therefore associated with it from SEO perspective.

  • How to rent?

    Rental means you don’t own the dropped domain but can still redirect it with all its backlinks to your website on a monthly basis. Basically, you will be having backlinks as long as you’re paying for the rental.

    Rental is actually a good way to see how backlinks work before buying them for good. We would nevertheless recommend you to rent the domains for at least 3 months to see the difference in your SEO performance.

  • Can I create my website on your domain while renting it?

    Yes, it is possible. Just provide us with your NS addresses while making order. This option is only available if you rent the domain for 12 months or longer. The good thing here is that you don’t have to care about anything like registration fees, or setting up your NS – we do it all for you. What’s more important, all the backlinks will be working directly, without the need to use 301 Redirect.

  • How to purchase?

    After the payment is complete you get from us transfer code which you would then enter at your registrar’s website to get full control of your new domain. Be aware that it might take several days depending on the registrar and its internal policies.

    By the way, the purchase is by far the most cost-effective option. Although you would need to pay more money at once than in the case of rental, you will become the owner of all backlinks associated with the acquired domain. You would only have to pay around 10 USD a year to your registrar to keep the domain.

    Be careful when buying cheap domains with backlinks from other sellers. Most of them due to strict registrar policies only be used for 1 year, after which you would have to pay around 100 $ annually to keep them.

  • How backlinks help

    Backlink building remains the most effective way of boosting a website's ranking/authority thereby pushing it up in search results. Bear in mind though that no matter what SEO specialists might promise you there's no such backlink that is capable of bringing you substantial traffic. The best way to get the traffic is constantly creating quality content on your webpage. And remember, one powerful backlink is worth millions of weak ones.

  • How would I measure the effect?

    Before using the backlink make sure to check your DR here and DA here. Then in a few months compare the results. You should see the difference. Each good backlink counts. More you have better the final result. We can't guarantee you though a predictable result either in terms of rising SEO specs or higher traffic, because at the end of the day it all depends on Google and how he indexes the backlinks and builds the association. And each case in this sense is unique.

  • Do non-contextual backlinks help?

    Each of our products has a great SEO value as its backlinks come from powerful sources. Some of the domains have even their own authority and rating - up to 50! After redirecting them to your website they would give you their power. If you can find a contextual backlink, it is better of course. However, if your topic is very rare, then don't let that stop you from using backlinks with similar topics. You have to be careful though not to add many powerful backlinks at once, otherwise you might get penalties from Google.

  • Custom backlink search

    We can find a backlink on almost any website on the web. Don't hesitate to write to us and describe what you require. Be sure, we will help.